Wicked Celts

After a lengthy break from music spent trying to fit in to the non-profit corporate culture of the student lending world, I was pulled back into the traditional music scene when my dear friend Síle Harris lent me her Jack Yule clársach for a couple of years.

During that time, I tried to find a Celtic band to join, but none of them wanted a harp player. Never being one to be held back by others' lack of vision, I started one myself. Wicked Celts went through several painful transitions before settling into a configuration that could work and play well together. Some ex-members even still speak to each other!

We made a CD called Prophecy and Blessing and even managed to sell enough copies to pay off the loan we took out to make it. I call that a success.

During the heyday of the band, two extremely significant things happened. First, my Dad (gods rest his soul) passed away and Mom gave me his violin, which had been sitting unused in its case for sixty years. Second I decided to take a couple lessons in Scottish Gaelic from Richard Hill. You know, just enough so I could pronounce the words of songs correctly. I didn't want to have to learn the language!

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